Hello!  My name is Maureen McGovern Sederberg.  I was born on Long Island, New York.  My parents & siblings were instrumental to my developing a deep love of Music, Art & Books.  I spent decades in the Fashion Shoe Business, creating the Brand, "SamiD", named after my 1st child.  They were FUN shoes for serious wear. and a Best Selling Brand at Nordstrom, Dillards, Macy's & more. 
It's been a joy creating MOMOMENTOS Collection of Gift Books.  They're all about LOVE - for Moms & Dads, Friends & Sweethearts. Plus, our Christmas songs truly capture the magic of the Season!
My husband Tom is a retired BYU Professor & entrepreneur well known in his field around the world.  We're known as Grandpa Tom & Momo to our exceptional 30 "Grands".
MOMOMENTOS delivers LOVE in beautiful 7x7" Hardcover Gift Books and eBooks that soften hearts and move people most meaningfully.   We're excited about our  take on tech so these sensational songs can start as books begin.  Savor the MOMOMENTOS experience - an escape with exquisite music & art in the gorgeous glossy pages of our Gift Books.
A portion of proceeds help feed the hungry through the Benson Food Initiative.  Link below.
enJOY giving & collecting MOMOMENTOS for everyone on your gift list.  
We appreciate you!
Maureen aka Mo



The Benson Food Initiative is my favorite charity because they teach people how to grow their own food - as well as feed the hungry.  In addition, 100% of every dollar donated goes to those in need.